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Traveling to Casa Leon

To Boca Chica


Car: Panama has one important main-road, the Inter-American-Highway (1). You have to leave this Highway (37 km from David, C 1 - KM 399) driving to Horconcitos / Boca Chica. After 10 minutes you will pass Horconcitos. Then follow the signs to Boca Chica. From Horconcitos it takes 20 minutes to drive to Boca Chica.


Bus: From the highway to Boca Chica you also can take a bus (several times a day) or a taxi (you will always find one within a short time).

Taxi: If you arrive at the airport of David you can take a taxi to Boca Chica ($50 - $80, it depends on your negotiation skills). It will take one hour to get in Boca Chica.

Or look at Boca Brava Adventures for more travel options.



You meet our local host in Boca Chica. They guide you to Casa Leon. In case you have to pay your rent or deposit at arrival: our host does not accept credit cards. Be aware of the fact that there isn’t an ATM in Boca Chica or in the surrounding area.

Our host can give you practical and sight seeing information.

On Isla Boca Brava

The road to Casa Leon is one of the few roads you can drive by car. On the island you can hike for many hours, but you won’t find marked paths. It is a nice adventure.

To Isla Boca Brava


Parking: You can leave your car in Boca Chica in the same street where our host lives. It will cost you $ 3 a day. It is not necessary to have a car on the island.


Walking: You can go by taxi boat to Isla Boca Brava ($1 per person). By taxi boat it takes two minutes to get to Boca Brava. Then you have to walk 20 minutes to Casa Leon.


Straight to our beach: A taxi boat can bring you from Boca Chica to the beach of Casa Leon. It takes 10 minutes and costs $20 - $30 all in (depends on your negotiation skills, our host can help you). 

Ferry: If wish to have your car on the island, you can go by ferry. You will need a 4WD. The ferry is private owned but can be used on request. One car costs $ 50 all in. It includes your return to the mainland.

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